A Lazy Blog for Lazy People.

A look into the life of someone lazy, doing productive things.

Gratifyingly Lazy.

A true testament to my laziness comes with not blogging about it for about two months! It’s amazing. Pat on the back, self: you have single-handedly surpassed any expectations of keeping a steady blog.

But now I’m back. With school starting up tomorrow, I feel like I should share something that connects me to my peers: being lazy in college. Partying is too much effort, people. I walked around the streets of northwest DC last night looking for a party. I strongly believe that parties should come to us, preferably in the form of Guitar Hero and cheap delivery Chinese food.

An alternative to this idea would be to stay locked in your room all day with your British roommate watching twelve straight hours of America’s Next Top Model. An entire season. Tyra Banks. Crazy gay men. Need I say more?

If these habits keep up, I am really going to enjoy this school year — so much, that I might actually pay a visit to the gym more than once a semester.


001: The One Where I Introduce This Thing.

Obviously I’m not a creative person when it comes to witty and engaging titles. Maybe I’ll change it in a week…but for now, we are all lazy people indulging in lazy blogging at its finest!

Lazy blogging, in a sense, is hopefully under 5 paragraphs long. Talking about what’s really important, rather than telling you what I had for lunch today in embellished detail. (For those truly inquiring — Souplantation. Superb salads. They were green.)

To the skeptics: I was indeed lazy this week. I started off Sunday by anxiously awaiting the Harry and the Potters concert going on later that day, to not even going at all! Technically because I was lazy. Maybe it was more of the fact that I didn’t want to go by myself because a friend hadn’t called me back. Oops.

So that was my lazy moment of the week. Sorry to Harry and the Potters — you guys still rock. And I am still seeing you play on Thursday, so all is not totally lost. You may have won the battle for now, laziness…but I will win the bigger battle.